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Valentine’s Day Celebrations Throughout the Continents

Valentine’s Day celebrations across the continents have varying intensity of gaiety and gala every year. While in some locations it is a serious occasion of festivity, in some areas it is observed with little celebration. While we now have a look of the event throughout the continents, in North America, people of Canada and the United States celebrate the occasion with much enthusiasm. School and school students trade Valentine cards and also they hold Valentine’s Day parties where they exchange sweets ad cards. For these celebrations, students make their own fancy boxes or envelopes to place the cards. Students also actively indulge with much enthusiasm in creating their own hand-made Valentine with red or white paper and other articles like heart-formed paper doilies, etc. The creation of cards and Valentine is an activity most indulgently pursued by these students. Each children and adults supply flowers and candy to their spouses or pricey ones. Children could dance to celebrate the occasion.

In our appreciation of the Valentine’s Day celebrations across the continents, let’s next take Europe. Once we come to Europe, in a lot of the European countries Valentine’s Day is celebrated with enthusiasm. The American custom of gifting presents and roses to the beloved is followed in some European nations like Germany and Austria. In some nations pressed white flowers or candy called Snowdrops is offered to the beloved. In some territories like Denmark men send a joking letter called ‘Gaekkebrev’ to their beloved. It would include a romantic verse and instead of signing the person would mark it with dots equal in number with the letters in his name. If the eve identifies the sender, she would receive an egg at Easter. Individuals in England observe some other customs on the Valentine’s Day. Women would pin a bay leaf on every nook of their pillow and would eat eggs from which yolk could be removed and changed with salt. It’s their belief that such a follow would enable them to dream about their would-be husbands. In one other custom, women would write on each bit of paper the name of their lovers and that would be positioned on clay and dropped in water. The name of the lover on the bit of paper that first surfaces will be their hubby would-be.

While we look at Valentine’s Day celebrations throughout the continents, let’s come to Asia. In China and some other territories, the day is not celebrated on the same old day of celebration in different nations, that is, February 14. As per the Chinese customized, the day falls on the 7th day of the seventh lunar month. A traditional custom is that when the star Vega seems within the sky, maidens place a needle on the surface of water. It marks the occasion of girls looking for his or her would-be husbands. The occasion accords many concessions for commercial purchases.

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