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Munchkin cats: Getting to know the breed

With their brief, stubby legs, elongated bodies, and insatiable curiosity, munchkin cats are a singular breed in the world of cats. In reality, these quick-legged stunners wouldn’t look fully misplaced in fantastical literature. (Is it just us, or do munchkin cats look like the noble steeds of fairy kings and queens?) However this controversial breed obtained its start in England within the 1930s. Modern-day munchkins, however, come from the tiny town of Rayville, Louisiana.

Munchkin cat measurement, personality, and health

Like the Sphynx and Manx, munchkin cats are the direct results of inbreeding, which can lead to a host of health problems — and occasionally behavioral issues. If you happen to’re looking to adchoose considered one of these precious cats, you’re probably wondering, “How big does a munchkin cat get? Is my munchkin cat going to have health problems? What’s the average munchkin cat life span?” We’re here to walk you through everything you want to know.


With their stubby legs and plush coats, which can make them seem larger than they really are, the munchkin cat is assessed as a small-medium cat breed. As with all cat breeds, males tend to be larger than females. A male munchkin cat normally weighs somewhere between 6 and 9 kilos, while females are smaller, weighing between 4 and eight pounds.


Not only are munchkin cats adorable, but they’re additionally one of the most affectionate breeds in the world. Munchkins love spending time with their human relations, together with children. (Just bear in mind to monitor your children while they play with the household fur baby!) You’ll additionally have to make certain to not go away valuable jewelry mendacity around the house. The munchkin’s affinity for shiny things has drawn comparability to birds, earning the breed the nickname “magpie.”

Life span and health points

Cat aficionados on both sides of the fence are desirous to hiss their opinions on the breed. Luckily for munchkin cat fans, these fur babies can live a relatively regular life span with proper care. While they aren’t as lengthy residing as some breeds, munchkins live a respectable 12-14 years.

But we have now some sad news, too. Munchkin cats owe their adorably stubby legs to a genetic mutation, which can lead to painful health issues like osteoarthritis. While deal withment for arthritis is readily available, would-be munchkin dad and mom ought to monitor their fur baby’s weight, as carrying further kilos places unnecessary pressure on their already-harassed joints. A well-rounded weight-reduction plan, common train, and staying in touch with your veterinarian can help you keep cats of any breed as healthy as potential for as long as possible.

Munchkin cat worth

In case you’ve set your sights on bringing a munchkin cat into your house, you’re probably asking yourself, “How a lot is a munchkin cat?” Sadly, the answer is, “That depends.”

Many factors affect the price of a munchkin kitten. While disreputable breeders sell kittens for lower prices, we strongly urge you to keep away from buying from these vendors. Flagrant disregard for the welfare of their animals, health points, and deplorable living conditions are frequent at low-cost breeding facilities. Reputable breeders worth munchkin cats in the $500-$1,500 range on common, though if you have your coronary heart set on a well-known bloodline or uncommon coat sample, you could anticipate to pay as a lot as $2,000-$3,000.

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