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iPhone 13 Pro after a month

Ive been utilizing the new iPhone thirteen Pro now for a bit over a month. After my initial impressions after a week, the additional three weeks gave me more insights on the questions that were still open.

The Design

Before diving into the questions that I couldn’t reply a few weeks ago, I wish to revisit the iPhone 13 Pro’s design. As identified in my first impressions, I used to be not sure whether the flat edges made the iPhone look more futuristic or less futuristic than the iPhone 11 Pro. However, using the phone for a month modified my opinion. Despite the fact that the boxy design is thicker, it also has a more industrial really feel and appears like less of a designer product.

Also, the truth that the notch is smaller is still discoverable after a month of use. However, despite the lack of use for the extra screen real-estate, it is sweet to have the extra area, especially when viewing full-screen videos.

Total, the design is oriented to place perform over form, a much welcomed recent trend with Apple’s products, as this was not always the case.


The cameras are one of the significant selling points of the new iPhone.

I mentioned that they produce one of the best photos I’ve ever seen on a smartphone throughout my first impressions. After a month, this thesis has been proven right. I discover myself recurrently reviewing my pictures and being in awe of the quality.

But what makes the images stand out?

The first thing I realized is that the photographs seem to be more detailed. Although the decision did not change (12MP), it in some way appears that the images from the iPhone thirteen Pro provide much more detail than the ones from the iPhone eleven Pro. After all, to be trustworthy, this could possibly be a placebo effect, however my subjective impression is that the new camera system retains more particulars in its pictures.

Where I can confidently say that the photographs stand out is in low-light and nigh-mode. The distinction is literally “evening and day.” Excuse the pun. However, the low-light performance of the new phone is simply excellent. It is so good that I really feel more comfortable taking a low-light image with my iPhone than with my mirrorless camera, the Panasonic GH5 (there are a few caveats right here, but what I consult with is the point and shoot expertise).

One other neat feature of the new camera system is its macro capabilities. Despite the fact that this will not behing new for the smartphone world, it is new for iPhones. The pictures are taken with the ultra-wide lens, not the big main sensor, which considerably reduces image quality. This reduction will not be noticeable more often than not, though, as the macro side is what amazes you. The photographs you can take simply make up for the minor downgrade in quality compared to the primary sensor.

One closing point that is also a reason that makes the images look higher is the photographic profiles. These aren’t filters. They are baked in adaptions to the picture, leading to a slightly altered image. I fine-tuned a preexisting profile, and now the colours are even more to my liking. Therefore this small element could have a more significant impact than many could think, as it permits you to fine-tune the look of the images without layering a ton of filters over it.

While the photo-taking capability is definitely improved, I skilled even more significant advancements in video recording. Initially, I immediately noticed the sensor-shift stabilization method. Because of this, the videos I take with the iPhone are really loads less wobbly, and even while walking, they are stabilized quite well.

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