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ATP Tour Final pushed back TWO HOURS to avoid World Cup clash

The ATP have pushed back the final singles match of 2022 by two hours to avoid clashing with the opening match of the World Cup in Qatar.

Determined to reach ‘the largest possible global audience’ for the season-ending Tour final, the ATP have taken the decision to reschedule to a later slot, thus avoiding running concurrently with Qatar’s opening Group A match with Ecuador. 

The change to a later slot online for the Tour Finals in Turin has inconvenienced some who had banked on the early finish but the ATP are adamant that no refunds will be made for those affected. 

The ATP Tour final has been pushed back two hours to avoid clashing with the FIFA World Cup

Qatar (pictured) will take on Ecuador in the opening match of the World Cup on November 20

‘We want to ensure that as many fans as possible around the world are able to tune into the final match of the ATP Tour season,’ the ATP . 

‘By avoiding a clash with the opening of the FIFA World Cup, one of the biggest sporting events of the world, we are looking to reach the largest possible global audience for the Nitto ATP Finals

‘The opening game of the World Cup is a truly global event, attracting huge attention from fans. This includes members of our global fanbase who tune into the Nitto ATP Finals from all over the world each season. 

The ATP are standing firm and will not offer any refunds to fans affected by the rescheduling

‘The decision to change the timing of the final was not made lightly, and our extensive consultation with tournament stakeholders considered the potential disruption for fans attending in person. 

‘On balance we believe it is the right decision for the tournament and millions of fans tuning in across the globe.’

It has taken the ATP two months to come to agree this change and but the Tour have claimed that they ‘moved to reach a decision as soon as possible’. 

FIFA made their own change to the World Cup schedule when they brought both the opening ceremony and the opening match, involving hosts Qatar, forward 24 hours.

One of the biggest criticisms is that affected fans will not be able to claim refunds.  

‘No, refunds will not be offered,’ the ATP statement added. 

The Tour said that they made the call in order to reach ‘the largest possible global audience’ – and not compete concurrently with the opening Group A match of the World Cup

‘Events of this nature occasionally require scheduling adjustments due to operational reasons, and the terms and conditions of purchase clearly contain a specific clause addressing such situations. 

‘In the case of the Nitto ATP Finals, this clause is set out in article. 6, which states that “the customer is not entitled in any case to a refund of the cost of the Ticket (or to its replacement) in the event that the events for which the ticket was purchased take place, for technical and organisational reasons, at times other than those initially scheduled “.’

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