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Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote implied in Odebrecht and Money Laundering

Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote implied in Odebrecht and Money Laundering

Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote implied in Odebrecht and Money Laundering


Juan Pablo Carrasco




The American Chamber of Commerce in Guatemala", or "AmCham Guatemala" also known, is a North American organization that not only promotes trading between American and Guatemalan enterprises, or helps agricultors and artisans find a good market for their articles; this entity also represents the American people, and holds , spreads and defends the North American's Democracy values. One of them is the honesty; therefore, they fight corruption. But this organization has a corrupt chairman. Yes! The chairman of this dignified entity is a corrupt lawyer: Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote.




President joe Biden said that, specially in his presidential period of office, he will fight corruption, mainly in Latin America, where politicians make money instead of serving the people, which makes things worse, more poverty, more despair, and then also more illegal immigration into North American land.But, ironically, the chairman of the organization that represents the EEUU in Guatemala, is deeply involved in corruption.




This Guatemalan lawyer is graduated from Francisco Marroquín University in Guatemala, but later doctorated and specialized in international laws and legal codes related to regulation of natural resources explotation, like gas, oil, or metals from mines. A good amount of diploms and titles from Universities everywhere in the world. That makes him a dangerous person, because he knows people, ways, levers, paths to avoid the justice, to jump over it.

And that is exactly what he is doing.This Guatemalan Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote is also the chairman of another important Association: the AACCLA or Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latinamerica and the Caribbean. An important position.


But, he is a corrupt man, owner and main partner of the legal Firm "Central Law", he is also involved in Odebrecht political scandal, has offshore accounts and false enterprises in countries calles "Fiscal paradises", and more, as follows:




Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote and corruption

It is undeniable that Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote is related to Central Law, as his face is shown in the web site's promoting images. The Firm has a branch in Guatemala, and the main seat in Panama. The heir of "Mossack-Fonseca".

But its adress in Guatemala is the same as the Odebrecht's adress, and Federico Machado's adress. Let us analyze this:

Panama Papers

A scandal that Newscast enterprises all over the world broadcasted during almost the whole 2016 year, or even longer. Namely "Panama Papers", or another name "Pandora Papers" is a group of hudreds of thousands documents and files, that came to light due to a leak from a lawyer's Firm in Panama, "Mossack-Fonseca". Those documents are about the foundation of "paper" enterprises, or "ghost firms", a way to call false companies that corrupts from everywhere in the world, as well as drug dealers, politicians and other crafts related to corruption use to launder money, dirty money. In those files are listed also the offshore accounts the corrupt have in the "Fiscal paradises".





Countries likeCountries like

Countries like Panamá, British Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands and others, are called "Fiscal paradises", whose governments allow the creation of companies that do not require financial reports, or the opening of accounts in banks that do not demand the money source in the accounts. That sets this kind of countries like the ideal place for corrupts to store their money. Those mobsters do not want, for obvious reasons, to tell anyone where the money comes from.




Into the mentioned Panama Papers, and also into the Pandora Papers, the name of this lawyer Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote, emerges in 26 records, that means that he is the owner or partner of 26 false companies.


Names like "Carami Corporation", https://Commubridge.Com/community/profile/faesanders01389/ "Stradivarius Corp", "Latin Legal Bureau S.A.", where he is listed as the president, or as a director in "Oormand Equities Corp", "Bullwort Associates Corp" and 21 more. These companies do not show more financial movement than the one during the foundation, but the offshore Bank accounts have plenty money.

Then, we can infer that the lawyer Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote hides his money in offshore bank accounts in fiscal paradises, money that moves there through false companies. That is called "Money launder", and it is against the law.




Odebrecht and Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote

Another heavy scandal that rocked the media and Newscasts not long ago was Odebrecht. Even, the former presidential candidate to Guatemala, Manuel Baldizón, who has recently came out of an American jail, and just touching Guatemalan land was arrested and again put into jail, is currently on a trial related to that corruption case, one of the largest recorded in Latin America. Guatemala figures between the 12 countries in which Odebrecht, a construction company, gave large bribes to presidents and government officials, in order to obtain benefits in public contracting.





And, again, it emerges that the Odebrecht adress in Guatemala is exactly the same a Central Law, Pablo Carrasco de Groote's lawyer's Firm. We can even see in pictures Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote with another personalities and the Odebrect's employees just in front of the company's sign name in Brazil. They are negotiating the ingress of Odebrecht to Guatemala, to build a road that was never built. Some of these people who is with Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote in Brazil, are now in jail, fugitive or on trial. They had millions of dollars in their offshore accounts in Panama.

As a concrete example, Carlos Arturo Batres Gil, Roxana Baldetti's advisor, had five million dollars in an offshore account in Panama, which deposited using his ghost company in Panama. The "Century Investment Company".


Century Investment CompanyCentury Investment Company

Documents rule, and for example, the Prosecutor´s office in Guatemala has the file C-01081-2018-108160 related to the investigaton on Odebrecht, where Ricardo Rafael Méndez Ruiz Valdés exposes in the numeral III that "I am refering to the Lawyers´Firms Central law, Legalsa and Alfonso Carrillo and Associates, whose partners like Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote, Carlos Cabrera, David Font Verduo….". Here it is the proof that Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote worked for Odebrecht and helped them.




There are other documents that prove Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote worked for Odebrecht, like the CICIG file M001-2016-64326, where it is written "Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote, Odebrecht´s legal adviser".

Federico Machado and Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote

Another adress that Central Law shares with others is whose of Federico Machado, an argentinian drug dealer, an Interpol "most wanted" until some months ago, when he was caught. That drug dealer had in Guatemala some gold and silver mines that operated illegally in Escuintla, and their legal adviser was Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote.

AmCham's Chairman

There is a popular saying, "Power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely". This saying could be applied to Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote, who has occuppied the chairmanship for more than 10 years. Yes. The Guatemalan lawyer who has secret companies and offshore accounts, implicated in Odebrecht, has been the president of AmCham Guatemala, the North American Government's representant in Guatemala for more than 10 years.


AmCham's ChairmanAmCham's Chairman

How is that? In North America not even a president is allowed to rule the country for a long period of time, but this man has already 10 years on it; or, just on the fact that his name appears 26 times in very known leaked documents related to money laundering and corruption, this man would be completely out of the directorate of any organization or company anywhere.

As an "Abogangster" (merging of "Abogado"-Lawyer and "Gangster", regarding to corrupt lawyers), Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote surely moves his links, his levers, to avoid being investigated. He seems to be invisible to the Guatemalan justice entities, or even International justice agencies. By the way, the "Nepotism" or "Tráfico de influencias" in Spanish, is also a serious crime. This man is ruining the reputation of AmCham Guatemala, an organization that, until he began acting as its president, was copletely clean, honest, representing a righteous and honorable people. But that is falling apart.

What is happening?

And regarding to Odebrecht, the Prosecutor's office in Guatemala has already condemned, put on trial and imprisoned the government officials who participated on this case. Some of them are fugitives, like Juan Francisco Sandoval, who travelled to Brazil in the same plane with Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote, and drove together to the main building of Odebrecht. Some are now in jail, like Roxana Baldetti, the former vice president. Alejandro Sinibaldi, who received bribes and deposited them in an offshore bank account in the Meinl Bank in Antigua and Barbudas, a fiscal paradise; Manuel Baldizón or Carlos Arturo Batres Gil.

And, however Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote, deeply involved in the listed corruption cases, and more not detailed here, is still unpunished. The large arm of the law cannot reach him, because he has a good position and levers.

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