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What Is A Popup Tool And How Does It Work

What Is A Popup Tool And How Does It Work?

A Pop-up is a window that pops up when viewing a page in order to interest the user or notify them about changes/promotions /offers on the site. The main weapon of the pop-up is its surprising nature. A properly configured and designed pop-up doesn’t irritate the site user. On the contrary, it interests the user without diluting the main content with unnecessary information.

So do you need pop-ups for your site? Is it worth making pop-ups and setting them up? There is an opinion that pop-up is an outdated technique that doesn’t bring results. Well, decide for yourself – with pop-ups, you can increase sales by up to 30%.

That is why it is necessary to introduce pop-ups even in 2022. How to do it? With the help of the popup tool.

What is a pop-up tool? 

A pop-up tool or pop-up builder is an easy-to-use solution for creating such popups and extending website functionality. Such applications allow you to quickly create advertising and informational pop-ups to increase conversion rates and sales.

As a rule, such a tool is intuitive, user-friendly, and doesn’t require special programming or coding skills. Moreover, popup builder lets you create custom pop-ups with almost all fully customizable elements, from backgrounds to text, colors, borders, overlays, and more.

An effective pop-up builder fully integrates with most third-party plugins and services. Integration with third-party plugins increases the potential and possibilities of pop-ups.

How does the tool work?

In an effective pop-up builder, there is an editor in which you can freely create your own customized solution for your site.

Also, good developers provide templates in which you can add a call to action, edit the colors, and arrange the arrangement of elements in accordance with the design of your site.

Also, the pop-up builder includes several pop-up display settings that will allow you to make it as effective as possible and increase the conversion on the site. That is, you can set specific pages, triggers by time or by action, select the frequency of display and decide on which devices the popup will be displayed.

In any case, it is not difficult to understand them. Any pop-up builder developer makes the navigation and use of their services as clear as possible.

The most popular pop-up tools

There are a lot of tools and services for creating pop-up windows. But only a few of the best and most convenient. Let’s talk about them. 

  • Mailmunch

You must provide a lot of information when signing up for an account with Mailmunch, including not just the URL of your website but also a phone number, physical location, and connections to your Instagram and Facebook sites. You have more options than just making pop-ups with the lead generation and marketing platform. A landing page, form, and email builder may all be found in the Mailmunch toolbox.

  • Getsitecontrol

Getsitecontrol is one of the most well-known platforms for developing pop-ups, widgets, subscription forms, and social media buttons. Getsitecontol appeals to most people with its straightforward UI and affordable price. The service gives you access to everything you need to easily build pop-ups and enables you to manage all of your widgets from a single web panel. You may run surveys using Getsitecontol and expand your subscription base.

  • Poptin

The Poptin service’s whole feature set is geared at increasing pop-up effectiveness. Having access to real-time technical help is one of Poptin’s benefits. Advanced users who have used other services to create pop-ups and wish to explore new possibilities should utilize Poptin.

  • Hello Bar

A user-friendly solution with many integrations is Hello Bar. It promises to convert 83% of the people who visit your website into leads, subscribers, and customers. One of the best features of this software is that you can automatically determine the design of the pop-up according to the design of your site and match fonts and colors.

  • Claspo

Nobody wants to bother with complicated tools that have an excessive amount of functionality. With the help of this popup builder, you can make useful components rapidly and with good outcomes. Furthermore, using it doesn’t require any coding knowledge.

Its first benefit is that it provides website owners with a vast selection of various themes that can be modified and altered. You may make a beautiful popup for your blog or online business in a few easy steps. Create subscription forms, information notifications, and age verification forms with this free tool.

Final thoughts 

Remember that pop-ups are a great tool to increase conversions and sales. But only if you set it up correctly. Pay special attention to the design of the window, its meaning, and the wording of the offer. 

A few years ago, setting up pop-ups was not so easy, as it required special technical knowledge, as well as a rather big investment. Fortunately, with pop-up apps, this can be done not only without much effort and extra knowledge, and also without additional payments!

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