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Mostbet India Review 2022 & Bonus

Mostbet India Review 2022 & Bonus


Among the many betting providers, Mostbet is considered a decent enough, sizeable platform. They offer sport bets for a wide selection of games – several dozen in total. Their main advantage is likely their design. It is colorful and attractive, of course, but it’s also simple, clear and user-friendly – advantages that shouldn’t be undervalued.

But yes, there are plenty of punting options, including the mainstream sports such as soccer, big tennis, basketball, ice hockey, martial arts, boxing. In addition, regional sports like cricket, kabaddi, squash, American and Australian sports are also on offer. That’s part of the reason why Mostbet is so popular internationally.

The other is that the customer service is widely available in different languages. Besides the bigger options, like English, French and Spanish, there are minor European languages and even dialects of the same big lingos. Both the website and the customer service are available in these tongues.

Registration on Mostbet

Before you can even login into Mostbet, much less do anything substantial, you need to create an account on this platform. And for that you can use several methods – users aren’t just restricted to the good old combination of email and password. There are, in fact, four main methods:

  1. Create a guest account with nothing but your location – other details will have to be submitted later.
  2. Use your mobile phone to create an account.
  3. Use your email to create an account.
  4. Use your social media account (from the featured) to Mostbet login.

These options are listed from left to right in the registration menu. That one you can access by clicking the red ‘register’ button at the top right corner. In each option, you only need to submit a small portion of information, although much more will have to be shared later on.

In case of the first option, you can submit a username and password that you want for your account, but in other cases you’ll want to go to your personal settings. You won’t be able to access them unless you have a full account with a username and a password. As such, the first option is just a guest account.

You’ll also want to attach additional information if you want to unlock the withdrawal of funds from this platform. You can deposit, but won’t be able to withdraw until you verify the account. And that calls for several pieces of personal information to verify your identity. That includes this:

IDENTITY PROOF Photo of a passport/ID/driver’s license & a photo with said document
GENUINE CONTACT INFO E-mail or phone number that can be reached
SERVICE QUALIFICATIONS A country supported by Mostbet (US, UK, France, Italy & some other are not)

Without it, you can’t really proceed. You can still use the bonus you’ve chosen and make bets, but you won’t be able to transfer any funds you’ve won from platform and wherever else. And the verification process itself can take weeks for several bureaucratic reasons.

Mostbet Login

After you’ve selected your registration method, you’ll be admitted right into the platform. You won’t need much to gain access, only the nominal type of information for each method. However, if you want to set up a proper account, you’ll need to create a username and a password after you enter the platform with most of these methods.

If you do create a functional username, as well as a password, you’ll be able to login into Mostbet using these two. You won’t need to use your phone to login again, although it will be featured again when you verify your account, most likely.

How to make a first deposit

You won’t be able to make a deposit onto Mostbet until you’ve registered an account with this website. You will be able to make a deposit even if you aren’t a verified user, however. You just need to click on the big ‘deposit’ button highlighted in yellow at the top right corner.

There are several payment options on this page, including:

  • Card payment – via Visa, Mastercard;
  • Online payment – via Paysafe, Perfect Money;
  • Crypto payment – Bitcoin, Tether & 8 more.

Different regional versions of Mostbet offer different payment solutions. For instance, Maestro card payments are available in the Indian Mostbet. The differences aren’t too stark, however, and, for the most part, regional versions include regional systems of online payment.

How to get the Mostbet bonus

The Mostbet first deposit bonus amounts to 125% of your initial deposit, but no more than 250 USD. The bonus will be awarded when you make the first deposit.

To claim it, you’ll have to pick the respective option at the bottom part of the registration menu. Alongside it, there is also a similar casino bonus. Note that you can pick just one, and they work in their designated sections. You can also refuse both bonuses and go on without one. For this, just click the third option from the left.

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