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Mostbet Cricket Betting in India & Sports Betting

Mostbet Cricket Betting in India & Sports Betting

Mostbet is a sizeable European bookmaker with plenty of worldwide betting options. It’s allegedly a Maltese company (at least, originally), founded in 2009. As such, it has been around for a while. Among the obviously popular options such as soccer, basketball, tennis and others, they also have regional and less relevant options.

Among the mostly regional entertainment, cricket is the most prominent. Large swaths of British, Indian, South African and other anglophile users come here for live and line cricket bets. It’s not terribly unique in technical terms, but Mostbet is generally very user friendly, which is its main advantage.

Mostbet Cricket Betting

Cricket is one of the more popular destinations you could take once you Mostbet login. The menu dedicated to this sport reveals all the current and upcoming cricket events is a clear, comprehensive design. You can distinguish between live events and line (future) events, as well as sort the match roster by time.



To access cricket wagers, follow these guidelines:

  1. Register on this platform
  2. Login into Mostbet
  3. Go to the front page
  4. Find cricket on one of the two scrolling menus
  5. Click it and select your event

The ‘two scrolling menus’ are the strips of sport options on the left of the screen and at the top of the front page. The former shows all sports available regardless of the timeframe. The latter exhibits options that are only currently relevant. There is always at least some minor cricket tournament, so cricket is likely going to be on both.

As such, there is no difference as to where you want to search for cricket matches. A more pressing criterion is the timeframe. Unless you pick live or line (labeled as ‘sports’ in most versions), you might find the roster overcrowded, especially during the big cups. So, use the sorting capabilities to your advantage.

As for where cricket actually is on the list, it’s right beneath the mainstream sports. There is no clear division, but cricket essentially tops the regional and niche games at the center of the lists. Or you could just use the search bar and type ‘cricket’ in there for more or less the same outcome.



Sports Betting Mostbet

As for the actual betting, it isn’t all that hard. After you’ve selected your sport, such as cricket or soccer, you’ll want to select the exact match you want to wager on. If you opted for an overall roster for both line and live games of the sport, you’ll have to look out for the flairs on the side of each match.

The green ‘live’ flairs on the sides of the match strips obviously mean ‘live’. Even the dedicated page for current matches, however, have several upcoming matches highlighted in gold at the top of the page. These indicate matches that belong to the biggest of leagues, like UEFA Nations League and Super Bowl.

Note that excessive and unwanted leagues can simply be collapsed. The structure works like a common directory/folder system.

After clicking on a match strip that interests you, you’ll access the full page with all the nuances and details. Besides the obvious information, you’ll find additional betting options, such as the victor of the first round, the number of goals and so forth. It’s not just the overall winner. And, what’s more, you can bet on a tie in many of these.

It’s possible to place wagers on several of these outcomes. And, if you manage to catch a live bet, you can watch the events unfold on a stream they provide for you. Note that streams aren’t available for all sports – most are only found on big events for mainstream sports.


Football Bets on Mostbet

Football, or soccer, is the most popular sport on Mostbet by far. Most people login into Mostbet specifically to bet on football, although cricket, tennis, basketball and a number of other sports are also on demand. A good thing about this part of the platform is that there are always plenty of soccer matches available for betting.

Even if no big events are currently happening, a lot of minor stuff is readily available. As always, you can sort these matches by time and league. Tie bets are available for all football matches, as well as a selection of secondary wagers on the outcomes of rounds, number of goals and so forth.

Mostbet Bonus

Before you even login into Mostbet for the first time, you can subscribe for a first deposit bonus. There are actually two of them, and you can sign up for one of them during your registration. One is reserved for sports betting, and the other is for their casino section. You can reject a bonus altogether if you want.

The sports bonus offers $300 or the same amount in another currency for any sports bets. You can use all of it, but the second edge of this double-edged sword is that you can’t withdraw your money from Mostbet in any form until you spend all of this promotional money. You can’t even withdraw your money non-bonus funds.

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