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Mini-Meals & Metabolic Rates – Fact Or Fitness Myth?

It’s time to shatter another fitness myth. Just simply this week, I got a different one of those updates from a “fitness expert” with the next headline:

“Mini Meals To Accelerate Your Metabolism” which included the content:

“Mini Meals To Increase Your Metabolism”

“Have you heard that in order to Increase the metabolism of yours, you ought to be consuming more OFTEN? eating every two or even 3 hours… your metabolism is FIRED As many as it is top speed)…”    

No doubt you have heard this same information from a number of directions for years.

But could there be truth to this which has now become “conventional fat reduction wisdom”?

Or perhaps might it be a workout myth waiting to be broken through for info we are able to actually make use of?

Here’s The Question of mine: Do mini meals fire up your “metabolism” (we need to make use of the term “metabolic rate” anyway – “metabolism” is actually so vague a phrase, although it pushes all forms of hot buttons).

Here’s My Question:



“metabolic rate”

Let’s place it another way – if you’re attempting to “recomposition” the body of yours to have a lower fat-to-muscle ratio, might it be a beneficial process to spread the meals of yours for the day out to several “mini-feeds”?


is there evidence to support the prescription of several small meals daily instead of fewer, larger meals when it comes how to lose weight fast realistically ( inspiring a metabolic process response that would impact weight?


So, Why is it that I Keep getting Those Emails From “Pros” About Optimal “Metabolism” and Mini Meals?



Evidently it all comes out exactly the same in the wash.

Absolutely no increase

marketing madness

Am I Suggesting To STOP The Mini Meal Schedule?

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