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Germany football kits history:

the Germany national team’s home kit has always been a white shirt, black shorts, and white socks. The colours are derived from the 19th-century flag of the North German State of Prussia.Since 1988, many of the home kit’s designs incorporate details patterned after the modern German flag. For the 2014 World Cup, Germany’s kit was white shorts rather than the traditional black due to FIFA’s kit clashing rule for the tournament.

The Germany away football shirt colour has changed several times. Historically, green shirt with white shorts is the most often used alternative colour combination, derived from the DFB colours.

In 2010, the away colours then changed back to a black shirt and white shorts, but at the tournament, the team dressed up in the black shorts from the home kit. The kit used by Germany returned to a green shirt on its away kit, but then changed again to red-and-black striped shirts with white stripes and letters and black shorts.

When 2022 world cup Qatar is coming,Germany official released home football kits,the Classics white discount soccer jerseys jerseys and black shorts.

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