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Are Bisexual People Equally Aroused


“I’m not even sure bisexuality exists. I believe it’s only a layover on the way to gaytown.” – Carrie Bradshaw (Intercourse and the town)

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Several of you’re probably familiar with the favorite stereotype that bisexual folks are in fact closeted gays who simply aren’t quite prepared to admit it to the planet. Proponents of this stereotype had been seemingly validated by way of a 2005 study published in Psychological Science, which discovered that most males who identified as bisexual exhibited stronger genital arousal in response to male pornographic imagery than female pornographic imagery [1]. Nevertheless, a far more recent study published in Biological Psychology disputes this obtaining and gifts convincing scientific proof that “true” bisexuality (i.e., strong attraction to both men and women) does certainly exist [2].

Both of these studies employed identical methods. In each case, an example of self-explained heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual men was recruited. All participants were exposed to a series of videos that alternated between non-sexual content, man-on-guy pornography, and woman-on-woman pornography. As they watched these movies, the male individuals were installed to a tool that measured modifications in penile size (i. If you loved this informative article and you would want to receive more info concerning kindly visit our own website. e., sexual arousal). The only difference between your studies was in how bisexual participants were recruited. In the original Psychological Science statement, bisexual individuals were selected centered just upon their self-reported sexual orientation (we.e., the only real criterion was that they had to identify simply because bisexual). In the more recent Biological Psychology statement, bisexual individuals were chosen only if they confirmed a history of sexual and passionate relationships with associates of both sexes (this was to help ensure that individuals’ sexual identities and behaviors were constant).

The results for heterosexual and homosexual individuals were consistent across research and were exactly what you would anticipate (i.e., genital arousal has been strongest when exposed to pornographic imagery offering members of their desired intercourse). The findings for bisexual guys were more astonishing and each study reported a completely different pattern of outcomes. In the initial report, male participants’ genital arousal was almost always stronger in response to men (exact same sex) than women (opposite intercourse), consistent with the stereotype that bisexuals are simply “latent homosexuals.” However, in the more recent study, almost all bisexual men exhibited very high degrees of genital arousal in reaction to both male and female pornography, providing evidence of real bisexuality. Bisexual males didn’t necessarily present equally strong arousal to both sexes, but they at least showed higher levels of arousal in each situation.

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Combined, these studies tell us that bisexuality is a complex identity that means different things to differing people and the way scientists define it provides implications for the kinds of results they acquire. For some people, bisexuality represents solid attraction toward both men and women. For others, a bisexual identity may signify openness to brand-new encounters, confusion or discomfort with one’s sexuality, or perhaps a amount of other activities. Although much more research is necessary on this topic (especially research which includes both male and female participants), these findings provide proof that bisexuality is a distinct sexual orientation that should not end up being so quickly dismissed.

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[2] Rosenthal, A new. M., Sylva, D., Safron, A., & Bailey, J. M. (2011). Sexual arousal styles of bisexual men revisited. Biological Psychology, 88, 112-115.

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