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How to Send a Fax For Free From Your Computer

How to Send a Fax For Free From Your Computer

Fax from computers: The evolution of fax from fax machines to online fax

Even if there are more advanced document transmission solutions like email and team messaging apps, fax continues to thrive as one of the most reliable ways to send files.

Of course, its usage has certainly dropped since its 1997 peak of selling 3.6 million fax machines in a year. It’s actually considered to be a historical artifact now—the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, made it a point to include the fax machine in its collection.

This does not mean, however, that the world is done with fax as a file-sharing system.


In fact, there are many nations in the world like Japan—a country as advanced as it can get when it comes to technology—that still consider fax as an important part of doing business. It is also still the preferred document transmitting method for transactions in many healthcare and financial institutions because it is considered more secure than email.

This shows that fax technology is not obsolete at all and is actually thriving as a system for transmitting documents.

How did fax continue to be relevant today? Like any technology that thrives over the years, fax has done it by evolving and adapting to technology usage in the current business environment. In the case of faxing, it’s done it through internet fax via computers.

Using your computer to send fax messages

How to fax from your computer

In the past, before the internet became what it is today, fax machines ruled the peer-to-peer document sharing field. Every business on the planet had at least one fax machine—some even had a dedicated phone number for faxing.

However, with the internet taking over how the majority of business processes work, fax had to adapt. And adapt it did.

Now, businesses are able to send faxes over the internet using their desktop PCs or laptops. But how do people fax online using their PCs or laptops without a fax machine?

Software for online faxing

The answer is through online fax software, programs, or Https://Ezran.My/Batch_2_Team_5/Community/Profile/Jaxonkotai69679/ services that you can run on your PCs .

One of the top fax software for PCs right now is RingCentral Fax®. Businesses can subscribe to a RingCentral plan for Https://Www.Segnatempo.It/2022/11/02/How-To-Send-And-Receive-Faxes-Online-Without-A-Fax-Machine-Or-Phone-Line-4/ standalone online fax service.

With RingCentral, you get an easy and convenient way to fax from your computer. Simply add the recipient’s phone number, attach the document you want to fax, and send.

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