Skinny menu

Everyone who knows us knows that we are passionate about beauty. We’re recognised for our talent at making pretty things even more beautiful and that includes our beloved customers too.

We know what you’re thinking: Belle’s is a patisserie that serves delicious goodies that can’t be good for the waistline, but we’ve got the skinny on all the latest healthy eating trends. Our skinny menu was inspired by the banting and paleo diets, and offers a broad range of meals and treats for diet conscious consumers including gluten- and sugar-free and loads of low GI options.

The skinny menu, with breakfast, lunch and sweeter options has hemp brownies, a chopped quinoa salad, cauliflower wraps and protein blueberry muffins with special ingredients including acai berries, chia seeds and agave nectar.

Our skinny menu promises a beach-ready body, and when those bodies want a well-deserved reward… well, all their usual Belle’s favourites will be waiting.

Download our skinny menu.


The paleo and banting diets both follow a high fat, low carb diet, but the paleo diet does not allow any dairy, while the banting diet does.