When it comes to rounding off a meal, a decadent dessert is hard to beat. Why slave away in the kitchen when you can impress with one of our mouthwatering desserts? Whether you’re hosting a modest dinner party or a big celebratory event, cap off the event with a dessert that will leave everyone begging for more.

Choose from our selection of cakes, macarons, brownies and fudge.

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History of the Dessert

Desserts date back to ancient times where people rounded off a savoury meal with something sweet. Initially it was fruit, honeycomb or nuts covered with honey. As civilisations evolved, so did our taste for sweet treats. The manufacturing of sugar in the Middle Ages led to more experimentation and the dessert boom started, resulting in cakes, tarts, pudding, custards and ice cream.

The industrial revolution led to the production of dessert on a larger scale. By the twentieth century, desserts became popular due to the boom of the fast food franchise. Nowadays it’s hard to finish your meal and not want to end it with a delicious dessert.